Dr Gwen Gan is a compassionate and dedicated dentist who believes that dental treatment should be made comfortable and interactive for everyone.

Dr Gwen makes it a point to build trusting relationship with her patient. She is dedicated in providing professional dental advice, delivering high quality dental treatment while having her patients best interest in mind.

Connect with Dr Gwen Gan if you are looking for a dentist who is gentle, understand you and is always ready to give her 100%.

Patient’s Comfort As The Priority

Dr Gwen understands your fear visiting a dentist.

During her undergraduate, she had carried out research about dental anxiety. The paper had won her awards and publishing in journal. From there, she is dedicated to listen and understand patient’s fear in dental treatment.

Throughout her years of working and continuous education, she learnt to deliver dental treatment with compassionate and gentle care. She is dedicated to deliver dental treatment with minimal discomfort.

Many of her patients commend her for her gentle care and feel that the difficult dental treatment is made easy with her light touch.

Patient-Centered Dental Care

Dr Gwen believes that every single person is unique and different from each other.

Dental care should be made personalised, and the solution is different from one another. Dr Gwen makes sure she understands patient’s needs and discuss how each option fits into their situation. She believes that a good treatment plan must be a plan that works and easily fit into the lifestyle, then only it will be successful.

Dental Education

Education is the most powerful weapon.

One of Dr Gwen key passions is to create dental awareness. She believes that preventive dentistry is more important than restorative dentistry. The best way to solve dental problem is to stop it from happening at all. Hence, educating patient and equip them with information is the best way to keep the mouth healthy.