General dental service is the basic oral care management provided from prevention to management of the oral disease.

    It is better understood by most people as the regular dental services that a dentist does when you go for your regular dental check-up.



    Dental check up

    This includes checking of the health of the gum, any problem related to the teeth, screening of oral cancer or any other soft tissue related problem.

    Dental X-ray, if needed

    Dental X-ray will be required as part of the investigation to check any problem that is hidden and could not be detected just from examination through eyes.

    Cleaning services

    Regular scaling and polishing to prevent problem to the gum by removing dental plaque and calculus.

    Restorative treatment

    Restorative treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment or crown and bridges


    Extraction, if there is any tooth that is unsalvageable

    Oral health education