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Beautiful Smile: In-Office Teeth Whitening

What Is In-Office Teeth Whitening?

In-office teeth whitening means to have your teeth whitten at a dental clinic.

It is a procedure that can only be carried out in a dental clinic by a dentist.

The procedure is safe and result is immediate.


How Is The Procedure Like?

There are a few steps involved :

  1. The dentist will first perform scaling to remove plaque and calculus on the teeth.
  2. Photograph will be taken to record the shade (color) before teeth whitening
  3. Cheek retractor and cotton rolls will be inserted in your mouth to protect the soft tissues (to protect your lip, cheek, gum and etc)
  4. A special gel to protect the gum near to the teeth will be applied.
  5. The dentist will then apply the whitening gel on your teeth.
  6. A special laser light is used to shine on your teeth for 15 minutes.
  7. Step 5 and 6 are repeats for 3 or 4 times.
  8. Admire your new smile!


How Does It Work?

The whitening gel contains an active whitening ingredient (either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that penetrates the outer layer of your teeth to the deeper layer of your teeth.

When it gets to the discolored molecules , the Oxygen molecules from the whitening agents react with the discolored molecules , breaking the bonds that hold them together.

As the discolored molecules became atom, your teeth now are whiter.


Is There Any Side Effect?

Most people experience different level of teeth sensitivity after the procedure.

The effect could last from 2 hours to about a day.

There isn’t any damage to the structure of the teeth as it is a chemical reaction that works to lighter the shade of the teeth.


How White Can My Teeth Become?

Nobody can answer this question as the procedure only works to break down the discolored molecules.

It could only at best return your teeth to the color before staining due to food consumption, but it could not give a new color to the teeth.

Imagine that you are bleaching your white shirt, and you will most likely get back the color when you first bought the shirt, but not any whiter.

It works the same for teeth whitening.

How Long Can It Last?

Depending on individual’s diet, it can last up to three years.


Do I Need To Avoid Any Food After Whitening?

For the first few days, try not to consume any food that stains.

Example, tumeric,black coffee, marinara sauce, wine, blueberry and etc.


I hope I have covered most of the concerns about in-office teeth whitening.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other question.


With Love,

Gwen Gan


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