What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Overview Root Canal Treatment is a procedure performed by dentist to treat infection at the centre of the tooth (the

General Topic : Dental Examination

“Doctor, I brush my teeth twice a day. Why do I still get problem with my teeth?” Does this sound

Mandibular Tori (Torus Mandibularis)

Introduction Mandibular tori or torus (plural)  is a common harmless bone growth that develops at the lower jaw, at the

Children Dentistry: Anterior Cross Bite Correction

  This is one of the cases that I am really proud of. I feel proud, not because it is

Smile Makeover For Lily – Part 2

THE BEFINNING OF SMILE MAKEOVER Step 1- Composite Veneers The first thing I did for Lily is four composite veneers

Smile Makeover For Lily – Part 1

INTRODUCTION This blog post is specially dedicated for Lily – a girl who is happy, determined and never give up.

All About Your Regular Dental Scaling

As a dentist, I am glad that more and more people are now aware of the importance of regular dental

Beautiful Smile: In-Office Teeth Whitening

What Is In-Office Teeth Whitening? In-office teeth whitening means to have your teeth whitten at a dental clinic. It is

Baby Teeth: Space Maintainer for Early Tooth Loss

Timeline of Baby Teeth Shedding Most babies get their full set of baby teeth/primary teeth at around three years old.

Gingivitis/Periodontitis: How to Stop Gum Bleeding?

What I Used to Think About Gum Bleeding Have you ever experienced bleeding from gum during brushing and flossing? Before