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Baby Teeth: When Does Baby’s First Tooth Come In?

First, congratulation of your new-born!

By the time you are checking on this topic, your baby is probably about 6 months of age and you just cannot get over with how fast your baby changes and develops.

Out of all the developmental milestones, having the first baby tooth is one of the most exciting achievement that you want to celebrate about.




The appearance of the first tooth means more teeth are coming!

Your baby is now more ready to chew food.

After drinking milk for 6 months or some purees for the past few months, baby is eager to explore the world, taste the food and to join you and the family at dining table.

Other than the abovementioned, there are more reasons of why we should be exciting about baby teething:

  1. With teeth, they are now ready to eat more variety of food and that means nutrients for them to grow.
  2. Chewing solid food means encouraging the jaw to grow.
  3. They are ready to join us at the dining table and start picking up social skills and table etiquette.
  4. Psychologically, they are eager to imitate us to do what we are doing.
  5. Finally, is time to start speaking. (You need teeth to speak and pronounce word properly)


When Does Baby’s First Tooth Come In?

Everyone is different in this. A general rule is 6 months.

At about 6 months old, the two lower central incisors come in.

The location is right at the centre of the lower jaw, and they normally come in pair.

The diagram below shows the timing of when the baby teeth erupt (comes in) and shed (falls out)


However, everyone is different, some babies get their first pearly white as early as from the first day they are born; and some get it much later.

As long as they are coming, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Having say that, even if your baby does not get a complete set of 20 teeth, there are nothing to worry about still, as they are just baby teeth.

Just discuss with your dentist if you are worry and the dentist will be able to advice.

With Love,

Gwen Gan

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